Amami - Yamatoson 大和村

On the following day, I had planed to go around by rental motorbike. But it was raining, so I visited Yamatoson by bus.
It took about 40 minutes from Naze to Yamatoson. The bus ran along the coast. I got off at Yamatoson Yakubamae, walked around the village. These was Gunso, a group of traditional storehouses for crops.


Amami Wildlife Center. It was close to Gunso, surrounded by a park. Now I noticed that the white roof looked like Gunso.

Amami Wildlife Center introduced about Amami islands: wildlife especially endanger species, village life in the nature.
This is a photo of Rurikakesu (Purple Jay). They live in only Amami. There were two model eggs of Rurikakesu which the staff made.


This green pigeon had a problem with its wing, so it was protected.

I left Amami Wildlife Center, I walked along the coast. The color of the sea was blue. If it had been a sunny day, I could’ve seen more beautiful scenery. I wanted to walk for about two hours. But thirty minutes later, the rain started falling. I finished walking at a bus stop, waited for a bus.
This is a Dohyo, sumo wrestling ring. The day before, I saw a Dohyo in a kindergarten. Sumo must be popular for Amami people.


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